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Stop Catching Flack For "Not Communicating"

Stop Catching Flack For "Not Communicating"

Your Scout Unit and Council Office have a BIGGER purpose.

SEE how to put communication in its place

Deliver Your Message To Everybody, Automatically

And write it only once! Let ScoutSites do the rest.

Post On Your Website

Your Website is the natural place for news and updates to live. Our system brings your site to life by automatically posting new communications to the correct place for Districts, Units, or Patrols to find.

Send A SMS Text Message

Text Messages are critical for communication in today's fast pace world. A short update text message will notify Scouters when there is a new update. We'll automatically text the right group of Scouters the news.

Send An Email

Emails are the premier tool to convey information. Every person has an email account but they don't always check it. Our system trains Scouters to look for emails from your Council Office or Unit Leadership for important news. 

Discover a better system to Create better Communication

ScoutSites delivers your message to where Scouter eyes are. Scouters receive a short SMS Text message, a full length email, and they can always find it on your website.

Here's How You Can Master Communication

It's so easy, a Lion Cub can do it!


Create the message using a scoutsites form

Using a ScoutSites form is as easy as writing an email. Who is it to (such as District, Unit, Patrol, Den, etc), what is the Subject, and what is your Message. It's that simple!

If you can write an email, you can use ScoutSites!


decide who needs to receive the update

ScoutSites can be customized to send the message based on Districts, Units, Unit Types, Dens, Patrols, Leaders only, or just about any other group of people you need. We define the groups so it's customized for your Organization.

We only send updates to those who need the information. This way Scouters don't become jaded with too many updates.


Get back to work!

That's it! Sending an update to your exact audience is that easy. Now you are free to continue on with your day, making a difference in the lives of Scouts.

ScoutSites is 100% Mobile compatible as well. Send important updates from anywhere, straight from your phone or tablet.



Get a beautiful one page website to proudly show off your Unit to interested scouters 

  • -
  • -
  • No Setup Fee
  • Unlimited Posts
  • Unlimited Pages
  • Mobile Friendly
  • Ad-Supported
  • Easy Drag N Drop Page Builder
  • Tutorials
  • Private Facebook Group Support

Northern Tier

$ 7.00 /mo

This plan builds on the Free plan and adds the capabilities to post news and announcements for your unit! Oh, and there no more ads, either :) 

  • $ 0.00, billed every 3 months
  • $ 60.00, billed yearly
  • Unlimited Posts
  • 2 Pages
  • Unlimited News and Announcement Posts
  • No Ads
Featured Plan

Sea Base

$ 15.00 /mo

The Scout Plan allows you to create an use an unlimited number of forms! Use them for information gathering, surveys, camp registrations, or anything else! 

  • $ 0.00, billed every 3 months
  • $ 120.00, billed yearly
  • Unlimited Posts
  • 2 Pages


$ 30.00 /mo


  • $ 0.00, billed every 3 months
  • $ 240.00, billed yearly
  • Unlimited Posts
  • Unlimited Pages
  • Unlimited Media

Streamlined Communication Is Just The Start!

Online forms simplify every event and registration!

Event Registration should be easy. Forms built into your ScoutSites system are 100% mobile compatible. Collect all the necessary information at once, including Payment!  All submissions are stored for easy exporting, or automatically stored in a shared Google Sheet or MS Excel document. Scouters LOVE the ease of registration and it reduces paperwork at the office too! No more emailing copy after copy to Event Directors. They see attendee's in real time so they always know how the event is filling up. This makes event check-in a breeze.

Make Scouter Communication Easy Again!

Whether you are a Scout Executive for a Class 1 Council, a Cubmaster for a small town Pack, or a Scoutmaster fed up with group text messages, ScoutSites will make "Getting The Word Out" simple again.

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