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This course will walk you through how do build an Automated System to Boost Membership and Popcorn Sales!


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8 Video Lessons will teach you how to win with Communication Automation

Create Your Templates

Lesson 1

Before you dive in, let's setup the templates you will be using throughout this course.

Setup Your Master Sheet

Lesson 2

The Master Sheet is the command center of your Popcorn Data. You need to set this up in detail.

Wrap Up A Store Front

Lesson 3

Learn how to wrap up a Store Front sale and allocate dollars and products to individual scouts.

Update The Master Sheet

Lesson 4

Finally, see how to update the Master Sheet properly so that all of your data is ready for the next phase.

Automation Part 1: Tools

Lesson 5

Let's review what tools and apps you need to make the bring the automation to life!

Automation Part 2: Setup

Lesson 6

Now that you have all of our accounts, you need to set them up to receive and pass data back and forth.

Automation Part 3: Zaps

Lesson 7

Zaps are the backbone of Automation. They see data changes and Zaps them to other Apps

How It All Works Together

Lesson 8

See how the system works together in order to keep track of sales and keep parents in the know, like magic!

Congratulations! So What's Next?

Learn How To Streamline Scouter Communication Using Automation!

Popcorn is just the start! ScoutSites can simplify how you distribute information. Email, SMS Text messages, and Website updates all in one place! We even show you how to create Event Registration Forms and take Payment online!

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