Lesson 1: Create Your Templates


To download: right click and  "save link as"


Lesson Summary: Setup Your Popcorn Templates

We're starting nice and easy right out of the gate. Just like a Tiger Cub at his first Store Front sale. The purpose of this lesson is to make sure you have all of the Google Sheets you need before we start building and linking. This first baby step will make everything else much easier! Don't worry about understanding the templates right now, all of that is covered in future Lessons.

If you do not have a Gmail/Google account, I HIGHLY recommend creating one. It's a great place to keep your Unit Documents for future leaders. Regardless, you should be able to make the necessary copies of these templates without a Google account. Simply use the "Download As" feature instead of "Make A Copy" to get a Microsoft Excel version.

Downloads & Resources

Popcorn Master Sheet

Weekly Sales Detail 

Single Location Detail

Two Location Detail

Three Location Detail


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